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1993/ female/ university of waterloo/ 3rd year/ biomedical life science/ aspiring pharmacist :). i vlog/blog about everything & anything i can think of. basically my life. i stress a lot, and i hate it. HTML hit counter -

Twisted mind f-ckery

I watched Lucy this weekend,

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Anonymous asked: What episode are you on in sailor moon? You should watch the movies. I love their music!

OUUUH sounds awesome !! i’m gonna find them now and dl them. how many movies are there in total ? :D

i think i’m around the time [SPOILER]

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in no particular order, these were outfits im pretty sure i wore around the past 2 weeks. 

ALSO: the mirror isn’t actually smudgy dirty, and it’s not my camera’s bad quality, it’s HONESTLY all this lint/dust crap getting stuck on the mirror. lmao, i’ll rmb to wipe the mirror before taking the pics xD

long time no talk, it feels like… super random updates. YAY :D

Anonymous asked: Have you seen all sailor moon movies?

HMMM i think i’ve seen some of them when i was a kid. but i honestly don’t rmb what happens in them.

when i was going on a sailor moon marathon a few months ago… i just couldn’t continue T___T… too many episodes, too many fillers. looking back at it, there was just way too much repetitive content so i never made it to rewatching the movies. do you think i’ll understand the movies if i rewatch them now even if i didn’t finish the whole series ? lololol

sorry, on a happier note LOL

i’m sorry, if you want to read something happy though, i do have funny story to share.

i’ll do a vlog on it next time. but i bought a pretty cool facial cleansing product. and i will show u a pic of it later this week. it is just too cool. it’s one of those deep cleansing exfoliating formulae, and u will be so surprised how amazingly cheap it is !!

ok, thinking about that makes it really happy. cuz right when i bought it, i went home and ripped it open, and made my younger sisters use it, and my mom as well. i wanted to spread the awesome news of this product. lololoollololo. and personally, just after 1 use, my blackheads significantly decreased. OMG, so awesome right ? :D

it’s called selectively social

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Anonymous asked: Still post your OOTW ! :D

ok will do :P. not last weeks though … i literally looked very ratchet LOLOL