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1993/ female/ university of waterloo/ 3rd year/ biomedical life science/ aspiring pharmacist :). i vlog/blog about everything & anything i can think of. basically my life. i stress a lot, and i hate it. HTML hit counter -

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ok why i’ve not been updating this month… 

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Anonymous asked: Are you doing okay with gray?

we have a good understanding of how to make the relationship work better, so i’d say i’m doing okay with *Gary right now

Anonymous asked: Are you fan of the walking deas?


Anonymous asked: Hi Sally :) I just wanted to say that I know you've had a rough time recently and maybe perhaps a rough year overall. I think we all have ups and downs in life, and some people have really big ups and others have really low downs but I think eventually everything falls into place. I see it in other people's lives and I definitely think everything will fall in place for you as well :) I love your optimism and courage even after going through such trying times. You're awesome!!

ahhhh :), thank you! i actually read this right before i slept 2 nights ago, and that was when i had 2 midterms on the same day!! it made me feel really relieved and a little less worried, so thanks again. i really appreciate you dropping by my blog and giving me such encouraging words ^_^

Anonymous asked: Hello

hello, how do you do?

Anonymous asked: How are you these days?

i guess i could be better…

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