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1993/ female/ university of waterloo/ 3rd year/ biomedical life science/ aspiring pharmacist :). i vlog/blog about everything & anything i can think of. basically my life. i stress a lot, and i hate it. HTML hit counter -

i took the best selfie ever today. :)

Anonymous asked: It's technically season 2 for sword art online II.

lol, ok thanks for correcting me. i’m still not too familiar with the anime though.

my o-week hat is basically done :D

Anonymous asked: What software do you use to edit your videos on youtube?

usually iMovie does the trick. there’s a lot of functions i recently learned about. i didn’t even know how to green screen until this year.

lamppostt asked: It really sucks when you get those days where nothing seems right... but I'm glad you have the inner strength to think optimistically and I admire you for that!

aawwwwe :), thanks buddy !! hope you’re doing well yourself :D. bad days suck, but i know they always pass, so no point in getting too upset about them, haha

Anonymous asked: Any plans uploading more videos on youtube?

UMMM yeah for sure. after i graduate prob though. i was planning on pumping out like 5 videos these 2 weeks, like i even wrote some scripts too. but stuff happened, so i had no time to film… and no one to help film me. sadtimes.

Anonymous asked: What kind phone you have?

the good old iPhone 4. i got it in gr 12. i actually have a video of me unboxing it near the beginning of this blog lolol. so weird.

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

I’m 167cm tall. (OR about 5’5.5)

Anonymous asked: stay strong <3 you sound like you really need a friend to talk to

awwe :), no… it’s kind of something i can’t say to anyone. which is prob why it’s driving me insane since i’m usually a very open person. either way, thank you heaps for encouragement ^^

Anonymous asked: Do you ever make your video HD?

not on tumblr because i use photobooth to film. but i do have a camera now, so maybe in the future there will  be HD vids. but then again i’m not sure if tumblr even supports that.