not to be rude or anything but did you gain weight lately?

soooo you’re saying i look fat ?!?!

idk, possibly LOL. i haven’t weighed myself in a month (last time i was 103 lbs) …. exam season makes me eat a lot junk food for fast meals… so maybe im like 110 lbs now.. O__O

or maybe i just slouch while vlogging? that usually shows some double chin action. i will try another vlog tmr with good posture and you can tell me if i still look “bigger” :P


Is your boyfriend jealous type if he see you around with other boys?

YES HE IS. he is an extremely jealous kind of boyfriend. it actually drives me crazy -___-

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How many classes are you taking in university? You seem stress out on your videos.

LOL… im usually a pretty stressed person. i’m stressed this term mostly cuz i’m taking thermodynamics (or physical chemistry) which i find very challenging because i’m not very good at math… and it’s too much math for my liking. this term i’m taking 4 courses only (thermo, microbio 2, recreation tourism, and environment science public communications). 

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are you going to post more videos on youtube?

yes for sure !

very good ranting / skit videos with good videography techniques. i’m kinda on the line of deciding what kind of channel i want to start. there’s definitely gonna be talks/skit videos, but i sometimes wanna talk about my opinion on fashion/beauty/self-esteem topics which can be really helpful for girls (and guys) that are in their teenage years. i also wanna do like daily vlogs … cuz i feel like not many of you guys get to enjoy my day with me. this sounds so strange, but i actually have pretty exciting days sometimes, esp with Gary around lol. idk, since i dont have many subscribers, i don’t wanna break off my channel and divide all the things i wanna do into different channels. i kinda just want one cozy channel for everything. :D


what happened to all your good videos on youtube?

LOLLL. i don’t know if i should feel offended to that … are you saying all my videos now are trash ? 

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Have you seen all the episodes of Dragon Ball z? I grew up watching Sailor Moon, Gundam wing, dbz, etc during Toonami :)

i actually haven’t. i grew up liking sailor moon cuz it was quite girly, LOL. every time dbz aired on YTV it was really late at night and past my bed time… so i’d just go to sleep. 

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What PCAT books did you study from and which ones do you recommend? (Also where did you buy them?) Good luck on exams!

i used Kaplan’s books, but in all honestly they are rubbish. they are absolutely horrible. thick books, with too much information that isn’t even tested on the PCAT. especially the math section is absolutely NOOO HELPP. tbh, anywhere i look, the math section of the PCAT is extremely hard compared to any of the books i’ve looked at… idk, i felt like there’s no way to prepare for the math and verbal.

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hope this helps some of you guys … :x 

Answering the million dollar question


really was dreading this .. lol

sailor moon 1992 version talk

great plot… a bit slow/repetitive, but nerding out on how much potential this anime actually has.

idk, i think im expecting a lot out of the 2014 version. but i’m super excited about it and can’t wait to compare :P

on the side note, yes sailor moon is actually a really really funny anime. i never understood its humour when i was younger/watching the english version, but the japanese version has loads of quirky jokes and i loveee them !

in case you don’t know, i’ve decided to watch the jap series (instead of eng dubbed) cuz apparently a lot of the original anime was cut out or censored when aired in north america. so.. i kinda want to get the real deal and see everything.

EDIT: sorry i just redid the video.. LOL i forgot to talk about a couple things … even in the end i ran out of time :’( sadtimes