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1993/ female/ university of waterloo/ 3rd year/ biomedical life science/ aspiring pharmacist :). i vlog/blog about everything & anything i can think of. basically my life. i stress a lot, and i hate it. HTML hit counter -

i feel like i was born to be the problem solver. truth is, most of the time i don’t know what i’m doing. the wisdom i pass along to people is from personal experience, and my understanding of how i can change my attitude towards the world to make it a better place. when i give advice, to my friends and family, i preach these strong beliefs of mine in hopes that it’ll shed some light into the dark room they feel trapped in. 

life is so beautiful, and we forget that it’s a privilege to live and to be able to experience things. life is imperfect, just like flawed humans. we experience failure and successes all the time, but just because we fail, it doesn’t mean our lives are over. failure is a challenge that we are all obligated to accept. if we don’t, we will never do brilliant things, and grow and learn from our mistakes. there’s such a strong negative stigma against failure in our society today, making it so hard to talk about failing. 

i would like to say i am a proud failure. but in the future, eventually, whenever the times comes i will also be a proud successor. 

ALS ice bucket challenge

i’ve been following the trend for like 2 days and wondered if i’d be nominated. usually i find these nomination things to be so pointless, but i’m so happy that this viral challenge is for a good cause. 

i think in the future if i made a decent amount of money, i’d definitely become a philanthropist :). i donated today and also did the challenge with my family. i laughed pretty hard briefly editing it, and i really hope all the people i nominated will do the challenge too.

link to myyyyyyy video: ASLicebucketchallenge Chen Fam style

i have no idea if that link will even work, if not, just click on my fb link :P, the video is public.

Me: OMG. if you got laid, i’d laugh til i died.

small word of advice

if anyone ever wanted to become deaf, just go to a nightclub and stay to dance near the speakers for 3 hours. GUARANTEED, you will not be able to hear anything. not even your own voice, lmao.

my left ear still hasn’t fully healed. -____-

ok but omg, i bought some pretty awesome stuff this weekend. splurged a lot, but i feel really good about this shopping trip :3 

i couldn’t fall asleep

i was way too excited last night holy craaaappp. i finished watching the 13th episode of You’re The Best, Lee Su Shin (kdrama) at like 5am, and i wasn’t even tired -____-. i even played clash of clans for a bit, and like 6:30am i still wasn’t asleep. 

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i am ashamed.

i am absolutely ashamed to be living as an ignorant human being. i am ashamed that i live around others who choose to live an oblivious life. i am ashamed to know that some of my so-called “friends” know nothing that’s happening in the world, know nothing about morality, and choose to ignore the fact that we all have something we can work on. 

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a little personal … but oh well LOL

holy crap… today was the first time i went swimming while on my dot O______O

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Anonymous asked: you are tooooo fineeeeee ;)

yes …………… thank you. LOLOL, i keep imagining a very sarcastic person saying this.

the bitchy side of me …… lollllllllllll

i make fun of people. sometimes too much. but i don’t mean any harm by it.

embryology makes me want to die

title says it all