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1993/ female/ university of waterloo/ 3rd year/ biomedical life science/ aspiring pharmacist :). i vlog/blog about everything & anything i can think of. basically my life. i stress a lot, and i hate it. HTML hit counter -

Anonymous asked: Do you have a pet?

not my directly. but our family does. we have a maltese-shitzu dog named Cupcake. (not very well trained though ……….)

Anonymous asked: You're not gonna use facebook again?

i will eventually. how else will people get ahold of me? lolll. but maybe in a bit, the only thing i would never deactivate would be tumblr. everything else i don’t care too much about. 

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of final fantasy 15 trailer? Any thoughts?

is it new? the one i watched was released in 2013 O_O. 

thoughts: very different gameplay…… like idk, it doesn’t really matter to me cuz i don’t play it, but for ff players it’d be a change? (UNLESS, they’ve changed it to this kind of gameplay already). there’s a lot of super old men… which is weird LOL. the main protagonist looks okay, i don’t like his hair. looks like an interesting game, but i’m not sure if the plot is as good as ffX. i’m not even sure if my opinion matters that much on this LOL. i’d try to play it if i had a console, but i get dizzy really easily, so i’d have to train my brain again to play for longer hours.

Anonymous asked: I hope you're feeling better sally~ You're a wonderful person with big beautiful heart of gold who deserves the best #truth

hahaha, i don’t deserve this much praise xD

but thank you, i’ve been feeling better!

Anonymous asked: What happened to your Facebook account?

i deactivated it

Anonymous asked: Have you seen the new trailer final fantasy 15?! Look on youtube and type final fantasy 15 tgs 2014. The graphics is so amazing!

i rmb watching my cousin play FF7 back in the day… and watched her play a lot of the FF games. i haven’t watched the new trailer yet. i will check it out today :)

Anonymous asked: Are you anime dub hater?

i’d say i don’t particularly like anime dub. but i wouldn’t say i’m a hater. i always prefer japanese originals because it was made that way for a reason. i want to admire and remember it the way it was supposed to be. 

i’m not sure what’s wrong. but i know something’s not right about myself.

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do i really want to talk about it?

i don’t know. i don’t know who to tell.

Anonymous asked: What's your sister dream job?

which sister ….. i have 3 LOL